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I love to take pictures; always have. I remember the first camera I owned as a child. When Christmas came and I opened that 110 MM camera (the long rectangular type) I was ecstatic. I wasn't even particularly worried about how I would save money to buy film, let alone develop it. The point was, I was able to take pictures.

That camera was my "go to" for many years. It served me well, but it was simple. There was no skill to it. There was no focusing. It truly was point and shoot. What you framed was what you got.

When I finally got a "real" camera it was definitely an adjustment. I read the manual to my Pentax Camera front to back to ensure I took the best pictures. Turns out, with a "real" camera, there is much more involved in getting a great picture. 

I can't tell you how many rolls of film came back with the majority of the photos blurry or otherwise unrecognizable. That didn't stop me. I re-read the manual and I continued to practice.

My first digital camera was another "gem." By gem, I mean it was really terrible. It was a 2 megapixel version of the point and shoot 110 MM camera I had as a child. There was no skill involved, but the joy of being able to take as many pictures as I wanted and view them immediately made up for the poor quality of the limited megapixel camera.

I have had several cameras since then and I still love photography. To that end... here is a sampling of some of my favorite pictures.

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