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get out of the way!

This is something I have to tell myself often. Yes, you read that correctly. I have to tell myself to "get out of the way" all the time

I know it isn't just me. I am certain there are other people out there who constantly get in their own way. Whether it is fear, or uncertainty, or time management or any other obstacle (real or imagined), I believe many of us prevent the very growth or progress we are aiming toward.

This is something I am focusing on right now. There are many things I want to accomplish and the biggest barrier to reaching those goals is myself. I doubt that I can do something. I fear I won't reach the goal. I "have too many other things going on."

The problem with these "obstacles" is they are things I have personally placed in my own path to achievement. If I doubt, I am not putting my full effort toward the goal. If I fear reaching the goal so I never work toward it, I have guaranteed my failure. If I have too many things going on, yet I want to reach a specific goal, there is almost certainly something on my "busy list" that is less important and taking time I could better spend reaching my goals.

Whatever the obstacle I put in my way, there is, if I look for it, a way around it or a way to remove it. It is simply a matter of acknowledging it and figuring out how or what to do to mitigate it.

There are enough outside influences weighing on us at any given moment. There is a certain amount of uncertainty in everything we do. For me, I want to work toward NOT being one of the things standing in my way. I can turn "I want to do this" to "I will do this" by getting the hell out of my own path to success.

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