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spreading positivity

Being positive and spreading positivity is far easier said than done. It even may be easy in a moment but to continuously remain and spread positivity is extremely difficult.

I have always considered myself a happy and positive person and have enjoyed spreading that through the situations and people I meet. It was easy to do when my own life was filled with positivity. When things were going well I found it easy to “spread the love” which brought further good fortune and continued the positivity cycle.

That cycle came to an abrupt stop two and half years ago.

Since then, I have found it much more difficult not only to REMAIN positive let alone spread it to others. Sure, there have been those “moments” I referred to at the beginning, but they were far fewer and further between than before.

I miss that. I had to “re-find” my own happiness and positivity before I could do much about it, but I am ready to start my own next chapter. I’m not saying my life is any version of perfect, but I know I have much to be grateful for and much love to spread. I know not every day is going to be my own personal best, but I look forward to remembering to focus on the good and spread that message to others.

To that end, I am going to work on trying to promote a “posi-tunity” every day. I want to find something good in the world and/or in my own life, and SHARE that with the world. If nothing else, it will remind me but also put that love and positivity into the universe for anyone who wishes to catch it or needs “a little something” in their life that day.

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