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ups and downs (literally) of moving

I simultaneously love and loathe moving. This dichotomy of emotions is on my mind because, well, I am in the middle of a move.

Since my new place is on the third floor, there are many trips up and down the stairs. While this may be great exercise, it is the first example of the emotional duality of moving. Lugging heavy boxes (I don’t’ pack lightly) and furniture up two flights of stairs is not something I particularly enjoy. However, as I mentioned, it is good exercise. Being on the third floor means my apartment level is the warmest of the three in the building. My AC will be running non-stop I am certain. The third floor, however, means I will not have to endure the constant shuffling, banging, and other random noises from the floor above me.

The other thing I don’t like about moving, is the reminder of how much STUFF we collect. I have moved multiple times in the last few years and each time I VOW to collect less stuff. It never happens though. I know, I know, I just need to be better about not keeping (or collecting) things I don’t want or need. This reminder, however, is great at getting me to de-clutter, scrap and donate many of the things I do not need. It feels so good to get rid of crap that has just been sitting around for months (or longer).

This recent move is even prompting me to think about things I used to consider important. Why do I have so many bowls? Do I really need three sets of sheets? How many pillows do I even own? I only sleep on one. So, I value the gentle reminder moving provides that so many of the things in my life are just that, things. Things take up space. Things that don’t add value are truly ONLY taking up space. I’m not saying I am going to get rid of everything non-essential, but I am truly looking forward to going through my stuff with a new perspective and eliminating much of the excess. Unless it is something like a tool or for a specific occasion (I’m talking to you Christmas tree) do I really need it “just in case?”

While moving is a hassle and I have done it far more recently than I ever thought I would, I relish the opportunity it brings to “clean house” literally and metaphorically. That said, I don’t want to move again any time soon.

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